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Innovation Week in a Nutshell

Why are we doing this?

We value imagination, new ideas, collaboration, and risk-taking. We invest in the organization and its members by providing a protected space to engage these values in the pursuit of innovation.  We embrace failure as an important learning opportunity. We believe that the best ideas can come from anyone in the organization. 

What's different about this week?

We will be clearing away roadblocks so that participants can devote their full energy to tackling only the obstacles inherent to their innovation. Taking risks is encouraged, and failure is always an option. We expect to to learn as much from failure as from success.

How will it work?

During Innovation Week, participants will focus fully on creating their innovation.  

Sue wants to design a new SSO application

  • Comes up with an idea
  • Talks to other developers who want to help
  • Makes a work plan for 5 days of Innovation Week
  • Turns off the phone, joins her team, and works through it
  • Finishes by the end of the week
  • Presents at the Innovation Fair

Paul wants to change the way we onboard new hires

  • Talks to stakeholders before Innovation Week to ask what is the best imaginable onboarding process
  • Makes a plan to design the new process during Innovation Week
  • During Innovation Week, creates a n new onboarding workflow and forms
  • Finishes by the end of the week
  • Presents at the Innovation Fair