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Getting Started

First Things First - Sign Up!

We have lots to get ready for you, so it's important that we know who is coming. Sign up with this form and give us a few details. Don't worry if you don't have a team put together yet.  We'll be reaching out to help you get squared away, and we'll with start with the folks who have already signed up. If you think you might need something that you don't already have in order to work on your idea, make a note on the sign up form.

Know Your Idea

If you aren't itching to tackle an idea of your own, there are lots of ideas to choose from on our idea page. You can find an interesting idea to work on, or reach out the person who posted it to see if they're forming a team, or maybe just get inspired. 

Know Your Team

Plan on being on a team?  Have a chat with your colleagues and start to make a plan for how you'll get rolling on Day One. If you're not quite sure how you want to pull it all together, we will have a workshop very soon to help teams get together.  You can also just reach out to a Mentor and we'll be happy to help.

Know Your Workspace

If you already have all the resources you need to work on your idea, then you're all set. Are you thinking it would be great to work together in person as a team? We agree, so we have lots of reserved spaces for that. Let us know what you're looking for. Would everyone rather stay at their own desks? No problem. We're setting up Slack so you can collaborate as if you're in the same room. If you need something you don't have today, make a note of it when you sign up or just reach out and chat with us about it. 

Know Your Deliverables

What will you show at the end of the week? Keep it simple and small. You can always add more if you're done by day three. Keeping it small will help you focus and be able to show some solid results, or a great proof of concept, or some nice first steps toward a larger and even more awesome goal.  

Know How You Will Measure Success

Failure is always an option. Don't sweat it for Innovation Week. But DO keep evaluating your efforts as the week goes on so you can demonstrate some lessons learned. Think about how you will measure your progress and success throughout the week, so that by the end you'll be ready to show your work no matter what happens.